FEBRABAN 2015 Banking Technology Survey

Research conducted by Deloitte

In its 24th edition, the FEBRABAN Banking Technology Survey continues to shine light on transformations in the sector – and on how they have affected Brazil. The results profile the change in volume of transactions by service channels and how each of them has been reconfigured – highlighting the digital channels that, in 2015, accounted for more than 50% of total transactions, adding the Internet and Mobile Banking shares. Furthermore, they show how technology affects the expansion and capillarity of access to banking services and the amounts spent on investments and expenses for acquisition, maintenance and development of information technology by the banks.

In this edition, the survey was conducted for the first time by Deloitte – the beginning of a partnership that marks some points of revitalization – with the goal of further strengthening the survey so that it continues to provide new ideas and strategies for the market, just like longer than the recent two decades. The 17 banks that answered the survey questionnaires represent 93% of the industrial assets in the country. To enrich the approach, banking professionals were consulted, for whose assistance we are grateful, and Deloitte’s accumulated knowledge was also inserted by means of its division dedicated to the financial industry, as well as the studies conducted by the firm on the theme, in Brazil and around the world.

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