2019 FEBRABAN Banking Technology Survey

Mobile banking consolidates and shows significant growth in financial transactions

The FEBRABAN Banking Technology Survey, conducted by the Brazilian Federation of Banks in partnership with Deloitte, arrives in its 27th edition in 2019, once again tracing an overview of investments and trends in technology for the financial sector.

The survey have identified that mobile banking has achieved another important milestone: the performance of financial transactions, such as payments of bills and money transfers – including Credit Order Document (COD) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The fact that clients are prioritizing the mobile phone to perform these transactions is an indicator of the confidence they place in banks and that financial institutions are on the right track in offering solutions that combine ease of use and security.

Main findings

1. Digital channels drive growth in banking transactions

2. Mobile banking gains strength among financial transactions

3. Payments and money transfers stand out among mobile transactions

4. Points of sale growth strengthens client behavior

5. Clients adhere to digital accounts

6. Investments and expenses continue to place technology at the user's fingertips

7. Analytics and artificial intelligence rank high on investments

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