How Deloitte can help with Securitization

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The effectiveness of the Deloitte member firms is derived from the experience we bring, coupled with our research, study and devotion to the intricate business of securitization. Understanding that securitization is a combination of process, regulation and technology, we have assembled the wealth and depth of experience – from the beginning of the securitization process to the end – to offer you a comprehensive business solution to your securitization challenges.


The member firms provide these services include:


  • Collateral Due Diligence
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cashflow Modeling
  • Collateral Stratification Analysis
  • Trustee Remittance Report Verification
  • Surveillance
  • Offering Document Review
  • Accounting Advice


Since 1985, Deloitte professionals have added insight, consistency and value to more than 25,000 securitized offerings with an aggregate principal amount of more than US $5 trillion. We have the largest group of dedicated securitization specialists in the industry, with practitioners located in 40 countries including all major financial centers. Our in-depth industry knowledge and experience allows us to provide our clients with advice and solutions of the highest quality. Wherever you are securitizing - Deloitte member firms can help.