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The HR leader needs to act increasingly as a strategist and administrator, leading the daily operations of HR and especially helping to shape and implement business strategies.

Deloitte develops solutions to help these executives to find alternatives to management challenges and the constant search for efficiency.


Since 2009, the Federal Revenue Service (RFB, on the Portuguese acronym), in conjunction with the National Institute ofSocial Security (INSS), Ministry of Labour and Employment (MTE) and Caixa Economica Federal (CAIXA), have been working in the construction of, what became official as, eSocial. The Ministry of Planning also participates in the project, providing advisory services to other entities in the equalization of the different interests of each agency conducting and managing the project.

Popularly known as EFD Social, SPED Payroll, among others, eSocial unifies information about the employment relationship of all workers in the country by sending information through the employer in relation to their employees.

At the beginning of June 2013, it was made available the eSocial portal ( for domestic employers.