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New businesses, new markets

Economic crisis in Europe as well as pricing pressures have hit profitability hard in the life sciences industry, and reputation issues from a perceived lack of transparency in clinical trial reporting. Yet opportunities for the industry abound–in the fast emerging markets beyond the BRICs, including Africa, in capitalizing on the potential of personalized medicine and transforming R&D. How will the industry rise to the challenge?

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The Financial Times 2013 Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Conference

Deloitte is proud to once again be the lead sponsor of the Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Conference (follow #FTPharma on Twitter), Europe’s pre-eminent industry event attended by leading executives, government decision makers, investors, analysts and other specialist providers. Join over 300 senior life sciences executives to debate, discuss, and respond to today's critical industry issues. Use DEL35 when registering to receive a 35% discount of the current registration rate. Learn more at

3-4 December 2013

InterContinental Park Lane Hotel

London United Kingdom

Deloitte Global Insights podcast

Two of Deloitte's key Life Sciences and Health Care (LSHC) leaders discuss the main themes of the upcoming Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Conference. The discussion includes insights on the issues currently facing the life sciences industry.


Pete Mooney, DTTL Global Leader, Life Sciences & Health Care

Mike Standing, Global LSHC EMEA regional leader 

Stephen Heasley, Global Online Communications, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

New businesses, new markets: How will the life sciences industry rise to the challenge?

Measuring the return on innovation

Explore the findings from this Deloitte UK and Thomson Reuters report, the third in an annual series exploring the pharmaceutical industry’s performance in generating a return from its investment in new product innovation. Sign up now to receive the fourth edition, to be released December 2013.

Pharma's challenge: Improving clinical and economic value

To remain competitive and financially successful, pharmaceutical companies should become more proactive in addressing both the economic and clinical value of products across the product life cycle.

Pharma's challenge: Improving clinical and economic value

Big pharma

The pharmaceutical industry faces a critical need for change. The unsustainable trajectory of health care spending and a wave of regulatory reforms have triggered forces that are transforming the pharmaceutical landscape.

How are phama companies moving 'beyond the pill?"

Power up your med tech pricing

The medical technology sector today is at a crossroads. Healthcare reform, evolution of Group Purchasing Organizations, and a need for price transparency are placing a downward pressure on pricing and margins. In order to offset the impact of these forces, and to increase value creation, it is imperative that pricing becomes a strategic consideration for med tech companies

Explore the three main tenants of med tech pricing that are expected to create and preserve value for med tech companies in 2013 and beyond.

Health reform: Threat, opportunity or both?

Enhancing innovation, reducing costs, widening market access, and changing sales models are seen as major impacts from health care reforms around the world, according to a report from Deloitte.

View an infographic highlighting the survey findings.

Developed in collaboration with The Economist Intelligence Unit, the paper is based on an online survey of 295 senior life sciences industry executives to assess the common elements of the recent wave of global reforms and how life sciences companies are reacting. The paper also explores national differences through case studies of China, Brazil, and Germany.

Health care reform and life sciences: Threat, opportunity or both?

Impact of austerity on European pharmaceutical policy and pricing

A UK Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions report that looks to understand the current European pharmaceutical market, the mechanisms for reducing pharmaceutical spending, the future of the pharmaceutical landscape, and the actions the pharmaceutical industry needs to take to survive current austerity.

What are the options available to the industry that will allow them to remain competitive in this challenging environment?

Analytics in action

In an environment marked by extreme uncertainty, one thing is certain for life sciences companies: they need to be smarter than ever. Business analytics can deliver the most value in Life science industry. From data management to business intelligence to performance measurement to predictive modeling.

Working differently to provide early diagnosis

A UK Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions report which examines how healthcare commissioners and providers can work differently with the diagnostic industry and other providers to increase early diagnosis.

Working differently to provide early diagnosis
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