The 2019 Deloitte city mobility index 

Gauging global readiness for the future of mobility

What does smart urban mobility look like, city-by-city? How are global cities faring so far? Learn the steps that cities can take to realize the future of mobility in the coming decades.

The Deloitte City Mobility Index sets out to create a new and better way for city officials, transport operators, and public planners to gauge the readiness of their transport networks, and to embrace the rapid changes occurring in the transportation ecosystem.

New insights gained from the research backing the index include the necessity of continuing to pay attention to the basics of physical infrastructure despite the distraction of emerging technologies, as well as the flexibility and efficiency of bus rapid transit, a solution being adopted by several top performing cities.

This edition of the City Mobility Index also features an exploration of the transportation system in San Diego and Rotterdam-The Hague, which provides many cues for automotive innovation and cross-border integration projects to other urban areas.

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