Cyber Risk Services

Information security services  

Strategy and Governance

Traditional security programs have often been unsuccessful in combining the security needs with the support for technological innovation required by the business.

Cyber Risk Governance services assist in the transition to a sound cybernetic risk program, considering security, surveillance and resilience requirements and in line with the organization’s appetite for risk.

Secure - Protect

Security and protection services help clients establish controls to mitigate risks related to the most sensitive assets, ensuring productivity, business growth and cost optimization.

Vigilant - Predict

Construction and delivery of information security and event management solutions, as well as implementation of sophisticated case monitoring that addresses themes such as cybernetic espionage, internal threats and systemic fraud.

Vigilant - Detect

Since it is increasingly difficult to prevent unauthorized infiltration and transactions, organizations need to be watchful and rapidly detect when they occur in their business environment.

Advanced surveillance services help organizations develop monitoring solutions focused on detecting threats to critical business processes.

Resilient - Respond

Being resilient allows an organization’s operations to quickly adapt and respond to internal and external threats - opportunities, demands, interruptions or threats - and continue its operations with a limited impact on the business.

This includes a combination of traditional and new processes and technologies. A corporate program of resilience requires adequate supervision and governance to integrate and coordinate stakeholders in all business operations, technology, strategy and risk environments, and compliance.

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Julio Laurino

Julio Laurino

Cyber Risk solutions Leader

With more than 20 years of solid professional experience, today he is the current responsible for Deloitte´s Cyber Risk solutions in Brazil.... More