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Solutions in corporate governance, regulatory aspects and risk management

Deloitte is recognized worldwide for excellence in the practice of Risk Management. We offer multidisciplinary solutions that encompass compliance in regulatory aspects and services in corporate governance.

In Brazil, Deloitte has the Corporate Governance Center (CGC), an initiative that brings together a set of solutions with a platform of integral support to director and executives of various functions in companies to perform their duties. The goal is to support the alignment of strategic objectives with adequate corporate risk management.

Our solutions

Corporate Governance Services

Services for companies’ boards of directors, based on the methodology of the eight dimensions of good governance, as well as in structuring processes of corporate governance and training / qualification of directors.

Deloitte´s solutions in this area include:
  • Diagnosis in Corporate Governance;
  • Structuring of Corporate Governance;
  • Education of Counselors (training and capacity building);
  • Ethics and Compliance Programs.


Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Consulting services on regulatory compliance for the purpose of helping companies identify regulations to be monitored, evaluate risks associated with noncompliance, structure the compliance monitoring process, outsource the process, third-party governance (with regard to supplier risks, due diligence, monitoring), and implementation (and management) of the complaint line.

Deloitte´s solutions in this area include:

Governance & Regulatory Compliance

Audit and Finance Analytics

In a world of 'big data', business IT systems now hold vast amounts of information which can be analytically exploited to drive faster, better finance and control activities. The technologies to deliver these improvements are now well developed and recognized as delivering a number of business benefits. These include:

  • Automating manual activities and thus reducing the time taken to process, close and report;
  • Supporting the consolidation, standardization and optimization of finance processes;
  • Enhancing governance, transparency and control over R2R process;
  • Focusing attention on and releasing time to deal with items that matter;
  • Improving audit efficiency, by providing robust monitoring, audit trails and documentation;
  • Discovering new finance and business value adding insights;
  • Providing the cultural, skills and technology foundations for on-going improvement.


Business Risk Analytics

Today's buyer is savvy, informed, equipped with the latest technology and has higher expectations than ever. It has therefore become increasingly important for organizations to be able to identify and recognize opportunities to engage customers in different ways and utilize their purchase triggers.

Analytics is a powerful tool that can help organizations find those new eye-opening opportunities. Business Risk Analytics helps reveal new opportunities to clients through better use of their data and ranges from generating reliable information to value added analysis in areas relating to customer, workforce, finance and operations.


Financial Crime Analytics

As financial crime - including money laundering, terrorist financing, economic sanctions, fraud and tax evasion have become more globalized, so have enforcement efforts. For global financial services companies caught on either side of proliferating forces, fresh risks loom. Now, more than ever, expert advice can best prepare firms to not only weather the storm, but tame it. Financial Crime Analytics takes an integrated approach, with data and analytics at its heart, which helps to improve financial intelligence and reduce costs. This includes: 

  • Prevention and detection: Reducing incidents of financial crime and identifying early misuse and risks that can be addressed before an incident occurs;
  • Investigation and remediation: Sophisticated data analytics assessment capabilities designed specifically for investigations;
  • Monitoring and testing: Using analytics to continue to tailor your monitoring approach to reflect the changing nature of external and internal threats;
  • Compliance: Technology and data analytics systems aligned with regulatory requirements.


Financial Risk Analytics

Financial risk is ever more pervasive because of the growing complexity of organizational value chains, increasing public demand for corporate social responsibility and the speed with which information can traverse today’s global marketplace.

Financial Risk Analytics considers all of the stakeholders that are part of the value chain and the key factors that can impact an organization’s exposure to the marketplace, including vendor and business relationships, environmental responsibility, employee responsibility, regulatory responsibility and consumer perception. It helps assess the level of indirect, as well as direct financial risk an organization faces.

Risk Analytics

Crisis Management

Services related to preparation/ anticipation and management of critical situations that lead to crises for companies. Deloitte’s services range from definition of the crisis plan, simulation of hypothetical situations, a response plan and communications strategy, to structuring the business continuity and recovery plan.

Deloitte´s solutions in this area include:
  • Crisis Plan;
  • Simulation of Crisis Situations;
  • Response to Crises and Communication;
  • Business Continuity and Recovery Plan.

Crisis Management

Enterprise Risk Transformation

Consulting services in risk management that address the main concerns of managers with respect to business strategy and profit generation. Deloitte’s services are structured for general risk evaluation and transformation, implementation of the risk management process and indicators for monitoring and strategic risks.

Deloitte´s solutions in this area include:
  • General Risk Evaluation and Risk Transformation;
  • Implementation of the Risk Management Process;
  • Risk indicators and Monitoring;
  • Strategic Risks.


GRC tools

GRC tools support company governance and risk strategy. Deloitte’s services range from offering “as a service” tools to implementing GRC market tools and structuring mechanisms for continuous monitoring of risks identified.

Deloitte´s solutions in this area include:
  • Continuous Monitoring;
  • Implementation of GRC Tools;
  • SaaS Services for compliance and risks.


Capital Management and Financial Risks

Risk management with a financial focus in order to support companies mapping and quantifying risks related to capital, treasury and commodities; as well as offering support for structuring management models for these risks.

Deloitte´s solutions in this area include:
  • Valuation, Capital and Liquidity;
  • Treasury;
  • Commodity Risk Management.

Enterprise Risk Transformation

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