Corporate and business unit strategies

Intention to win

The most successful executives are those who are able to navigate the unexpected and the unpredictable while keeping a clear business strategy in mind.

This focus on strategy is essential in spite of constant changes and reverses in the market. Strategy is the base that keeps company leadership grounded, employees aligned toward key objectives and resources allocated effectively. A cohesive strategy provides clear premises for the company’s vision of the future. When new trends or events arise that are inconsistent with these premises, the company can react quickly and deal with these new factors without undermining the current dynamic.

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Monitor Deloitte’s corporate and business unit strategies practice works side by side with business leaders and their staffs to create effective strategies and ensure alignment through their entire organization. Monitor Deloitte is devoted to helping executives adress complex issues, allowing them to explore multiple points of view, closely examine their choices and complete the strategy definition process aligned and committed to its accomplishment.

Monitor Deloitte’s strategy-specialized professionals combine deep market knowledge with experience and methods to structure effective corporate and business unit strategies. In addition, they act together with other Deloitte practices, providing the client with specialized resources for each project.

Our solutions

  • Develop and deliver a CEO agenda: Monitor Deloitte works together with CEOs to put together an agenda that clearly articulates their aspirations and priorities.
  • Create corporate and business unit strategies: Monitor Deloitte guides teams of executives through a rigorous and customized process that focuses on articulating the critical choices they need to make and on providing insights they need in order to commit to the strategy.
  • Tie value for shareholders to business decisions: Monitor Deloitte helps the client separate drivers of value for shareholders and analyze the impact of current strategies on these drivers.
  • Create advantageous business portfolios for companies: Monitor Deloitte evaluates clients’ business portfolios in order to identify opportunities for improving performance, strengthening elements of portfolios or disinvesting in elements that can free up capital for investments that generate better returns.
  • Design and execute integrated growth plans: Working on both organic and inorganic growth opportunities, Deloitte evaluates where and how to grow by indentifying opportunities, unblocking growth levers and defining executable growth agendas to maximize the impact on key success indicators. The process generally includes construction of a road map for strategic implementation and the offer of PMO (Program Management Office) services.
  • Understand and prepare for alternative futures: Based on a pioneering and leading methodology for constructing long-term scenarios, Monitor Deloitte generates and tests new strategic options or examines current strategies comprehensively.
  • Construct excellence in strategy: Deloitte helps companies improve the effectiveness of their strategic discussions, develop new strategic thinking skills and implement more effective strategic planning processes and tools.

Client benefits

Through our solutions in Corporate and business units strategies, our clients can:

  • Develop and communicate a clear strategic vision;
  • Create executive team focus and alignment to develop and lead the strategy within the organization as a whole;
  • Execute the strategy consistently throughout the entire organization;
  • Create strategic flexibility by means of reasoning guided by the strategy and skills in conducting strategic discussions;
  • Achieve results, showing return on initiatives and impact on value for shareholders;
  • See a clear link between strategy and the main qualitative and quantitative performance indicators.

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Anselmo Bonservizzi

Anselmo Bonservizzi

Strategic Risk & Reputation and Cyber Risk Leader

With solid professional experience, he is currently responsible for Strategic Risk & Reputation services, which include Sustainability and Cybernetic Risk services.... More