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Growth and profitability expectations have increased, while the global business environment has become more complex and dynamic.

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In this environment, marketing executives’ influence and agendas have expanded, often resulting in conflicting objectives. On one hand, they are asked to define growth strategy, develop marketing capacities, align the organization around the client experience, drive innovation, teach the organization about new social and mobile digital channels, including client opportunities, and bring the client perspective to the company. However, marketing executives are also usually pressured to leverage new marketing-related technologies and provide short-term impact and returns. Balancing a long-term vision in a world of short-terms – and often globally – is not an easy task for an executive.

Deloitte’s Marketing strategies professionals work with marketing executives to design and deliver marketing-based changes to generate growth for their companies. Services concentrate on three types of transformation: growth and marketing transformation, marketing analytics and operations transformation, and client experience and services transformation.

Our solutions

  • Solutions focused on competitive advantage: While market benchmarks are useful, differentiation generally does not come from market practices and trends. Superior capacity and strategies are essential to unblock growth and achieve market leadership. This focus is combined with deep operational and market knowledge to provide an innovative and practical vision for our projects.
  • Deep empathy with the consumer: Deloitte has spent decades building an understanding of what drives consumer behavior and its implications for organizations. Success with new channels and consumers requires complete focus on understanding the drivers of consumer behavior.
  • Unique and cutting-edge methodologies: Deloitte’s methods help clients achieve significant improvements in their growth rates and are, at the same time, transparent, easy to understand and intuitive. Its consulting practice works together with client staff, allow discovery of internal barriers to growth and knowledge transfer, which has a sustainable impact on company growth.
  • A means of building capacities: Sustainable organic growth is rooted in more solid marketing capacities and engagement with the client. Deloitte’s projects are designed to build long-lasting marketing capacities, including “traditional” capacities, such as global brand strategy and client perceptions, in addition to new capacities, such as multichannel management (digital, social and mobile) and effective use of advanced analyses to support marketing decisions and operations.
  • A new approach: Deloitte is committed to identifying, understanding and resolving relevant issues and problems in every project. It does not include any type of technology, supplier, data source or outsourcing option.
  • A bridge for new marketing executives: Deloitte develops customized laboratories that allow new marketing executives to explore priorities, capabilities, talents and relationships. The result: a six-month game plan.

Client benefits

Deloitte helps clients achieve:

  • A growth rate 1.5 to 2 times higher than prior growth rates;
  • An increase in consumer loyalty and a retention rate 1.5 to 2 times higher than prior rates;
  • Improved efficiency for spending on marketing and client services;
  • Increased profits per action through marketing actions associated with transformation strategies.

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Anselmo Bonservizzi

Anselmo Bonservizzi

Strategic Risk & Reputation and Cyber Risk Leader

With solid professional experience, he is currently responsible for Strategic Risk & Reputation services, which include Sustainability and Cybernetic Risk services.... More