Pricing & Commercial Excellence

Maximizing profitability, sustaining growth.

Deloitte provides clients with tools and methodologies to help clients defining their strategies and processes related to Pricing & Commercial Excellence aligned with companies’ objectives.

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Currently, considering market dynamics, the art of selling is changing towards "exact" models. Financial results depends less of “artistic” sellers and more on quantitative and qualitative business models to support a rational decision making.

In order to help companies playing in this scenario, Deloitte developed tools and methodologies that provide companies with a better sense of the market, facilitating choices in day-by-day operations or strategic movements.

Being considered the most complete consulting firm in Pricing & Commercial Excellence, Deloitte. navigates on bases of businesses as processes and on more complex and strategic matters as defining strategy and advanced models of price optimization and discounts.

Deloitte has a proven experience in companies from all sectors of the economy, assisting clients to achieve their commercial and financial goals, optimizing margins and improving sales effectiveness. 

Our solutions

Deloitte contributes during the clients journey towards commercial excellence and a better pricing management, through solutions and methodologies tested and approved, such as:

  • Pricing On DemandTM : Deloitte team leads or assists the implementation of daily pricing activities; 
  • Pricing Performance InsightsTM : Periodic analysis of pricing and sales performance, aiming to identify opportunities for improvement and suggest actions to capture better margins;
  • Go-to-Market  analysis and definition;
  • Sales and pricing maturity diagnosis;
  • Pricing strategy definition, including price optimization to maximize profit or market share;
  • Commercial policy review and discount structure redesign;
  • Pricing department structuring and governance;
  • Sales, pricing and trade marketing team sizing and optimization;
  • Commercial models and strategies review and redesign;
  • Definition of sales targets and incentives to sales force and customers;
  • Sales archetype analysis and assistance in the definition of the people management model in the commercial area;
  • Development and conduction of research with clients and consumers;
  • Preparation and conduction of price surveys;
  • Market, product, client and customer segmentation;
  • Planning, execution and monitoring of Sales, Pricing and Trade Marketing processes;
  • Definition of Key Performance indicators(KPIs);
  • Design of sales, pricing and trade marketing dashboards to follow Sales and Pricing results;
  • Trainings;
  • Others.

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Anselmo Bonservizzi

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