Tax of Tomorrow

Technologies and resources for current tax challenges within organizations

Deloitte presents the survey “Tax of tomorrow - Technologies and resources for current tax challenges within organizations”, which brings the vision of 159 companies operating in Brazil on the impacts of technological evolution and the transformations of the business environment on the tax function, also covering aspects of tax compliance (time to comply) and the view of companies regarding the tax reform proposals.

In the context of disruptions brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, The complete integration of technology with renewed processes and engaged and qualified teams will be crucial to deal with challenges both old and new in a dynamic business environment where the tax leader must assume his/her leading role.

In this scenario, fiscal and tax operations can benefit from artificial intelligence and robotic process automation in their activities of greater recurrence and volume: among the companies participating in the study, half intend these resources. Also according to respondents who intend to adopt artificial intelligence and robotics, these resources are the main objectives for improving the performance of the tax area and reducing errors in processes.

Tax of tomorrow

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Webinar | Official launch of the “Tax of tomorrow” survey

Deloitte has been conducting daily webinars since early 2020 April to support organizations to respond to the impacts caused by the Covid-19 pandemic on business. In this context, we conducted the webinar "Official launch of the 'Tax of tomorrow' survey" to help clients to understand and reflect on the topic, in addition to preparing for the crisis scenario.

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