Tax Technology & Compliance

Technologies and business processes for tax management

Deloitte offers integrated view, specialized knowledge and advanced technologies to support organizations on their obligations in the Brazilian tax environment.

Tax management in Brazil

The brazilian tax system is characterized by its high complexity, due to numerous taxes and acessory obligations that incur on each companies business transaction and must be reported to the tax authorities (Fisco). Additionally, tax system computerization has made tax compliance much more dynamic and susceptible to risks as data is reconciled electronically almost in real time.

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Responses to tax challenges

Complying with tax obligations in Brazil requires an integrated view of the tax flows, a customized approach to the company´s reality, cutting edge technology and business processes management.

Tax management involves six key concerns for companies:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Legislation
  • Information technology
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Communication


Our approach

Our model uses the latest technologies, knowledge and specialized team for effective management of its obligations in the brazilian tax environment.

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