A presença das mulheres no Conselho

Perspectiva global

Esforços legislativos e outras iniciativas têm ajudado a trazer a representação das mulheres no Conselho de forma efetiva. Apesar disso, aproximadamente 90% dos lugares nos Conselhos do mundo ainda pertencem aos homens. A terceira edição da publicação "Deloitte Global Center", sobre Governança Corporativa, destaca as perspectivas globais abrangendo 25 países e 6 continentes.

“It is encouraging that diversity - and more specifically, gender diversity - is frequently being discussed in the business community. However, we still see relatively few shareholder proposals and direct shareholder discussions about gender diversity in the boardroom beyond a small number of activist holders. This is clearly leading to too many one-sided discussions and may cause companies to conclude that their owners just do not see gender diversity as a priority. The debate around the increased role women should play in boardrooms will be strengthened if everyone participates: managements, boards of directors, business associations, policy makers, governments, and the shareholder community.”


- Dan Konigsburg, Managing Director, DTTL Global Center for Corporate Governance There is some text

The study examines initiatives in 25 countries aimed at increasing the number of women in boardroom positions around the world. The research highlights a variety of approaches to support diversity on boards, including requiring more disclosure on diversity policies, setting targets, and implementing quotas. The report found a large discrepancy among countries regarding the most efficient way to increase the number of women occupying boardroom positions.

Countries profiled

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, United States, Israel, South Africa.

Women in the boardroom: A global perspective
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