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Testimonials from Deloitte's International Virtual Experience program

Our DIVE participants across the Caribbean and Bermuda region share their experiences and perspectives about the program.

This year’s program had 32 participants from across the Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda region who were chosen to work on 5 unique projects developed by Deloitte CBC Leadership. Participants had the opportunity to get one on one time with their coaches who guided them over the course of 5 weeks on overcoming real world challenges to complete their projects. We invite you to view the perspectives (in random order below) of some of our DIVE participants.

Randawnique Coakley

What was the highlight of the program?

This is my second summer interning at Deloitte but my first time working in the DIVE program, and it was a phenomenal experience. It was also great learning from other interns about their research projects.

What is your biggest lesson learnt from the DIVE program?

The project that I worked on focused on cryptocurrency, and it was great to research and learn about the topic. I was able to enhance my time management skills by juggling my audit responsibilities with the Dive Program responsibilities.

What challenges did you face in the program?

It was an interesting challenge having to work on the project with team members from different countries, which enabled me to enhance my team-working skills.

Rhema Nottage

What was the highlight of the program?

As a first time intern at Deloitte, I had a truly insightful experience. The DIVE program allowed me to create networking relationships with several Deloitte members in the CBC region, as we combined our resources to make an impact that matters.

What is your biggest lesson learnt from the DIVE program?

By tackling real life business issues, we got a sense of the challenges Deloitte faces, and how working in a virtual environment can enhance several aspects of work such as relationship building, location flexibility, and communication effectiveness. I would recommend this experience for all interns at Deloitte.

Christopher Godet

Why did you choose Deloitte?

I was extended the opportunity to apply for the Deloitte Internship through a family member. I honestly expected that the experience would just be a hands on summer job. However it was so much more than that. Working with talented and recognized individuals in the field of Risk Advisory I learned so much about how operations are carried out.

What was the highlight of the program?

Working with DIVE on cryptocurrency also broadened my horizons.

What challenges did you face in the program?

Cooperating with a team over Skype on different time zones is challenging, however it’s been an amazing experience. The team overcame all challenges presented and combined our strengths to put forward an amazing and detailed project. The DIVE project taught me a different approach to teamwork through effective communication.

Deloitte’s International Virtual Experience is your chance to gain invaluable business experience and start building a worldwide network that will benefit you for a lifetime. Join our virtual network—no passport required.

2018 DIVE Program

Deloitte’s International Virtual Experience (DIVE) offers participants a unique opportunity to make an impact by diving into real issues affecting international business in today’s world. With access to coaching from Deloitte leaders, this internship program enables them to work in diverse and collaborative teams while also developing their individual leadership skills. Participating countries for this year’s program include:

  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Bermuda
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Cayman Islands

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