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Sandeep Gali

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Sandeep is a Financial Advisory Associate at Deloitte Bahamas. Sandeep graduated from Indiana University in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting & Finance. Since joining Deloitte, Sandee has worked on various financial advisory assignments in the public and private sector including liquidations of multi-national banks, and other entities. Sandeep also attained a 4/5 on AP Environmental Science in his past studies and is familiar with the subject of Climate Change and Sustainability. He is a lead team member in Deloitte Bahamas’ program initiatives to adopt and promote Deloitte’s sustainability agenda, particularly in areas of client and ecosystem support.

Sandeep also has certifications in Data Visualization with Tableau from University of California-Davis and in Business Analytics from University of Pennsylvania.

Sandeep Gali