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Salavat Galimov, Director, Audit Department

I first became acquainted with Deloitte CIS in 2005, when representatives of the firm visited the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where I was a student. These interesting and positive people completely changed my ideas about work as a whole. I was struck by a desire to become part of the Deloitte team. That is when I decided to build a career at the firm, and sent in my CV.

That was six years ago - that is how long it took me to go from assistant to senior manager. I am satisfied with my choice. Deloitte is the perfect employer for hard-working people. The firm offers extensive opportunities for both professional and personal growth. You just need to take these opportunities, and not be lazy. Growing alongside your peers – talented and multifaceted people – is very interesting. Working under the supervision of managers who change from project to project provides you with strength, introduces you to various approaches to audit engagements, and teaches you to look at a problem from different angles. When the time comes to sum up the annual results, you are able to get an objective measure of your performance. Every year a so-called “promotion meeting” is held, with the aim of taking an informed decision with respect to every employee’s suitability for promotion. At Deloitte you never feel neglected. I probably value this more than anything else. The firm provides a real opportunity for gifted, intelligent and conscientious people to prove themselves; to build a career.

When you work at Deloitte, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of training sessions, social events and interesting meetings. At first you learn to soak up a huge amount of information, then you start taking part in the development of other employees, contribute your own ideas and try to make the learning process more productive and engaging.

It is essential that your job bring you satisfaction and pleasure. This is the only way to make significant progress. Audit is filled with puzzles, and requires all of your analytical skills. In addition, project work brings with it distinct timeframes, which help you to assess the results immediately after completing the project.

Every step on the career ladder leads to changes in the scope of your responsibilities, making you learn and discover something new. This job is never boring.

Finally, our team of young, successful and positive people create a unique atmosphere that fills you with energy and a desire to be a part of this huge, friendly team of professionals. 

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