Capital Projects Advisory


Capital Projects Advisory

Up to 50 percent of investments in capital projects can be lost due to fraud or conflicts of interest.

Our practical experience in nearly every aspect of construction, coupled with our forensic approach to project management helps our clients mitigate these risks through two key services:

  • Forensic Review of Capital Projects
  • Capital Project Management

Key services

Forensic Review of Construction

Independent analysis of construction expenses

Deloitte Forensic is the largest team on the CIS market that conducts forensic reviews of construction. With extensive industry experience, our team has a deep understanding of capital expenditures and fraud issues characteristic of the industry. Deloitte Forensic specialists have unmatched experience in conducting financial investigations for major corporations in Russia, the CIS and Europe.    

We offer independent monitoring of construction projects aimed at identifying potentially fraudulent design, engineering and construction contractors, as well as potential fraud on the part of a company's own departments involved in construction projects. 

Our services

  • Construction analysis
  • Financial analysis
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Construction Project Management

Construction projects carry the risk of poor quality work, inflated budgets, schedule overruns, worker accidents, reputation risks, and potential administrative or criminal liability for workers’ actions.

Red flags, or indications of serious issues for a project

  • Your project has exceeded its budget by 15 percent and expenditures continue to grow. You do not have detailed information on what invoices have been paid to designers and contractors for the past two months. You do not have a technical supervision team, or this function reports to the same person who is responsible for the project’s schedule, which is a clear conflict of interest. Work is being accepted without as-built documentation.
  • Your project is already delayed by three months, and the total delay is forecasted to exceed six months.
  • The designers blame you for a lack of quality specifications for design. Project participants do not communicate in writing, only verbally. The project team prefers to remain silent about problems. No one offers corrections to the drawings. The project does not have a chief engineer permanently on site. There is no chief technology engineer or chief structural engineer. The drawings have to be changed and revised constantly.
  • No one calculates the daily productivity by worker. There is no daily roster of the number of workers and amount of machinery on site. There are no web cameras on site. Workers do not have A3 drawings on hand. The general contractor does not have their own workers and machinery, only subcontractors.

Deloitte helps its clients navigate through the various challenges connected with large-scale construction projects. We have a highly qualified team of engineers with extensive experience in the construction, manufacturing and petrochemical industries. Our main service is management and technical assistance for construction projects at all stages, from initiation to commissioning. We are experienced in managing the construction of shopping centers, warehouses, new industrial processes and other industrial and commercial properties.

Contact details:

Natalia Golovchenko,
Director, Forensic, Construction Project Management

Tel:  7 (495) 787 06 00 ext. 5395
Fax: 7 (495) 787 06 01

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Key contacts

Alexander Sokolov

Alexander Sokolov

Managing Partner, Financial Advisory

Alexander is Head of CIS Financial Advisory and leads Deloitte’s Forensic practice in Russia and the CIS. He joined Deloitte in 2012. Alexander has 15 years of experience in consulting. He started his... More

Ludmila Grechanik

Ludmila Grechanik

Partner, Financial Advisory

Ludmila joined Deloitte Forensic in May 2012 having spent the previous nine years in the Forensic department of another Big Four firm. Previously, she had also worked in the Financial Services Assuran... More

Natalia Golovchenko

Natalia Golovchenko


Natalia joined Deloitte CIS Forensic in 2012. Prior to joining the firm, she worked for another Big Four firm for 6 years. She leads the Forensic practice’s Construction Project Management. With exten... More