Actuarial Services


Actuarial Services

New skills for the new actuarial environment

The insurance and pension industries are working in a rapidly changing landscape. Major developments have influenced the insurance and pension industries in the CIS and Europe. One is the introduction of IFRS and solvency regulatory requirements. In particular, starting from 2012, all insurance companies in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries are obliged to implement IFRS reporting. Russian non-state pension funds are also expected to prepare financial reports in accordance with IFRS requirements.

New products, capital management, risk management and IT solutions have become vital to the development of the Financial Services industry in recent years.

In order to respond to these challenges, companies must build and maintain new processes and models based on methods and techniques not yet widely applied in the CIS.

Changing landscape

Deloitte’s Actuarial service line has been at the forefront of these developments.

We focus our work on reaching the strategic and commercial aims of our clients, taking into account the latest developments in legislative and regulatory environments.

We provide the skills, expertise and experience to transform and grow our clients. Our intellectual capital, consulting expertise, and modelling capabilities have helped our clients to transform the way they manage their businesses and to succeed in reaching the desired results.

Deloitte – addressing today’s reality

The Deloitte CIS Actuarial group is based in Moscow. We serve financial institutions located in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and other CIS countries. We work in close cooperation with Deloitte Actuarial teams around Central Europe, which consist of more than 60 specialists.

As the largest group of actuaries among the Big Four, Deloitte Actuarial is recognised as the leader in Actuarial services.

Deloitte CIS Actuarial group