Dispute Resolution


Tax Dispute Resolution

Tax audits are a growing risk for corporations around the world. They have the potential to disrupt businesses, damage reputations, and generate significant costs.

Our tax dispute services offer support to clients in various areas, including:

  • Preventive analysis of the company’s activities ahead of tax audits to detect and rectify potential breaches
  • Legal analysis of tax planning measures in order to minimize and exclude tax risks
  • Consulting support during tax audits and other audit-related activities
  • Legal support during tax disputes, including:
    • Developing a line of defence
    • Preparing objections, complaints, and other procedural documentation
    • Representing the audited company’s interest before the tax authorities
  • Risk assessment and minimization in regard to the company’s activities through permanent establishment in Belarus.

Alternative dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation) models are becoming especially relevant. In this regard, we offer our clients assistance as they negotiate with opponents, including drafting negotiation agreements, supplementary agreements, etc.).

Key contacts

Yury Veremeiko

Yury Veremeiko

Manager, Tax & Legal

Yury has over 19 years of tax and legal consulting experience in Belarus. Yury has extensive experience in international legal and tax structuring, including risk assessment for intragroup services, t... More

Daria Denisyuk

Daria Denisyuk

Associate, Tax & Legal

Daria has over 8 years of tax and legal consulting experience in Belarus, where she specializes in providing complex legal and tax support to the international companies that wish to establish a comme... More