The future of mobility


The future of mobility

How transportation technology and social trends are creating a new business ecosystem

The global automotive industry is on the verge of a fundamental transformation that is giving rise to a new mobility ecosystem. These changes have far reaching implications for how we move from point A to point B, and for both current industry players and extended industry stakeholders including gas companies and retailers, insurers, emergency rooms, advertisers, and government regulators.  Value creation will broaden beyond the physicalcreation of vehicles and open vast possibilities for players in mobility management, operating systems, and in-vehicle transit experience. 

At Deloitte, we’ve been engaged in a deep and broadly ranging study of the extended auto industry, the economics of possible future states, and the potential impact on related industries. We have concluded that change will happen systematically—a rising tide, not a tsunami.

Our new publication, The Future of Mobility, explores two divergent visions: an insider view that the extended industry will evolve naturally and incrementally towards a future mobility system that retains its roots in what exists, and a disrupter view which sees a whole new age drawing near featuring fully autonomous cars accessible on-demand which will lead to a tipping point in mobility.

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