The Deloitte CFO Survey

The Deloitte CFO Survey

Key findings

Q4 2015 Results

In October — December 2015, Deloitte successfully conducted the second survey of Chief Financial Officers and Financial Directors at major companies based in Russia. The opinions provided by the respondents have enabled us to identify major concerns, key drivers, and development priorities for the Russian economy as well as to perform a comparative analysis of the existing trends.

The report was prepared by Deloitte Research, Moscow.

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Goal of the research

A comprehensive examination of Russian business trends.


Methodology used

Data was collected through an online questionnaire. We used the following approaches in our comprehensive data analysis:

  1. Identification and examination of general market trends;
  2. Comparative analysis of data in meaningful subgroups (analysis of data differing significantly by subgroup and/or from the overall population);
  3. Multivariate data analysis (an in-depth analysis of the results to identify hidden differences and incorporate the findings).



The survey was conducted among a random sample of respondents from a closed, highly specialized population. The final sample included 45 respondents who were segregated into several industry groups.



  • Financial prospects for 2015
  • Dynamics of key financial metrics
  • Uncertainty and risky decisions
  • Strategies and risks
  • Drivers and barriers
  • Sources of financing 
The Deloitte CFO Survey

We are pleased to invite CFOs in Russia to participate in our next survey, and remain open to all comments and suggestions. If you are interested in participating or have any recommendations or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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