Cyber Security. Evolved.

The digital revolution has enhanced the ability to conduct business but it has also created a complex set of security issues. Assets, once physically protected, are now accessible online. Customer channels are vulnerable to disruption. Criminals have new opportunities for theft and fraud.


Услуги в области кибер-безопасности

Практика «Делойта» по управлению рисками в сфере информационных технологий помогает компаниям находить решения для бизнес-процессов, внедрения технологий и управления операционными и финансовыми рисками...


Quantum Dawn 2

The Quantum Dawn 2 cyber-exercise, hosted by SIFMA, represented the next step in the continuing effort by the fsi sector to improve its ability to respond to a systemic cyberattack. This report provides a high-level view of the exercise’s objectives, scenario, results, and lessons learned.