Deloitte is a Diamond partner: its member firms globally provide access to professionals who possess deep knowledge across Oracle applications & technology. Reflecting its commitment to client satisfaction, Deloitte is consistently recognized as the leader in Oracle implementation–related services.

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Deloitte & Oracle

Deloitte can help you implement Oracle solutions that are built to work, right out of the gates. So you can get more value —faster.  Learn more.  


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В «Делойт» работают свыше 17 300 специалистов Oracle. Немногие компании могут обеспечить реализацию комплексных международных проектов столь же эффективно, как это можем сделать мы.

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Deloitte Wins Multiple Oracle Excellence Awards in North America for the Eighth Year in a Row

Organization recognized for driving business value and innovation with Oracle products and technology.  Learn more.