2023 Global Marketing Trends


2023 Global Marketing Trends

Resilient seeds for growth

Chief marketing officers and marketing executives likely already know they will continue to be confronted with challenging dynamics in 2023. Customer sentiment is being heavily influenced by ongoing economic uncertainty, and competitive pressure will no doubt remain aggressive. Deloitte's 2023 Global Marketing Trends report, for which we surveyed more than 1,000 executives and conducted interviews with subject-matter specialists around the world, identifies four distinct global marketing trends for this year to help guide leaders as they look to create meaningful impact through their 2023 marketing plans.

Trend 1: Brands are answering economic instability with marketing investments
Navigating economic instability and inflation are the top concerns for brands in the year ahead. Instead of hedging their bets and cutting costs, brand leaders are answering this instability with an investment mindset–growing their organizations’ capabilities and capacity to endure the turbulence that an economic downturn can present.

Trend 2: Chief marketing officers drive growth through internal sustainability efforts
Brands are looking to build trust and authentic connections with consumers by demonstrating a commitment to long-term, sustainable impacts. And although budgetary issues may cause some brands to pull back on their social impact efforts in favour of short-term concerns, marketers should maintain a long-term perspective on their internal sustainability efforts to help establish authenticity in their brand’s marketing initiatives and to unify the organization around a shared, sustainable future.

Trend 3: Creativity as a force for growth
Generating growth is getting even more complicated to plan for because of rapid changes to social and cultural norms, technological advances, and economic uncertainty. However, years of being hyper-focused on their analytical capabilities has left many organizations without the creative thought needed to meet the challenges of the modern business world. This is an opening for individual brands to rise above their competition with creative leadership and marketing skills. Marketing leaders also have an opportunity to realize growth by cultivating untapped sources of creativity within their organizations.

Trend 4: Rising technologies for marketers to watch
As interest in the metaverse, blockchain, and other emerging tech builds, brands may feel pressured to be first to market to stay current and maintain an edge over their competitors. Organizations have the opportunity to learn from early adopters to identify which new technologies may be best suited for their own objectives over the long term.

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