How do you win the hearts and wallets of consumers?

As consumer expectations continue to rise, brands are experiencing fleeting customer loyalty, increasing pressure to adapt and respond, and are re-thinking their approach to strategic business planning to ensure the consumer is at the forefront of every decision.

Check out highlights from iconic brands and disruptive organizations as well as insights from Deloitte, including:

  • Rethinking the flagship store concept and re-hauling a data-driven omnichannel experience to focus on the customer
  • Complementing analytics with storytelling; embracing the purpose-driven journey with authenticity and humility
  • The importance of integrated technology and managing expectations across digital channels when it comes to supply chain
  • Balancing domestic growth potential with international aspirations consumer companies agree.


Change is inevitable, and those who embrace it not only have the opportunity to survive, but can hone in to create advantages that will allow them to thrive.

Check out the lessons learned and insights on how to win the hearts and wallets of consumers

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