Deloitte Summit The place where innovative ideas become world class solutions for our clients, our people and our community

Vancouver, British Columbia

Located at 410 West Georgia Street, Deloitte Summit rises in the centre of Vancouver’s thriving innovation corridor. Inspired by both the surrounding natural landscape, and the shape of a Japanese lantern, the building is already a landmark in the city’s iconic skyline.

Designed to transform the way people work, and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and working spaces to foster high performance, Deloitte Summit brings teams and communities together to contribute to a thriving and sustainable British Columbia. This is where innovative ideas are realized through collaboration, creativity, and purpose.

Sustainability and design

Deloitte Summit reflects the people, culture, and communities of British Columbia. Grounded in five key principles of productivity; connection and interaction; inclusion; health and wellness, and sustainability, it features the works of Indigenous artists from across Canada and incorporates references to trail symbols and mountain ranges across the top eight floors.

To maximize collaboration, productivity, and connection in those “in-between” moments at the office, the building offers 18 different types of workspaces, moveable furniture and walls, and, in the centre of it all, Deloitte’s signature green staircase.

Targeting Gold level LEED® certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the building functions at a high level of sustainability. It is powered and heated by 100% renewable energy, incorporates rainwater recycling and waste management processes, and uses smart sensors to save energy efficiently. 

Greenhouse Experience Program

Deloitte Summit is also home to the firm’s newest Deloitte Greenhouse, a state-of-the-art facility supporting the Greenhouse Experience Program. Designed to create memorable, immersive, and engaging experiences to build momentum and optimism, disrupt ordinary thinking, and break through barriers, the space is designed to catalyze transformation and ignite action to imagine new solutions with our clients and teams.

“Deloitte Summit is an ecosystem connector, and functions as a gathering place for leaders from diverse companies and organizations to come together to scale their business and solve some of the most complex challenges of society. This building is about leading the way and creating a destination where our people and clients can be inspired and aspire.  BC is a destination for change, and we are tremendously proud to welcome Deloitte Summit on our journey to make Canada the best place to live and work in the world.”

Jodi Evans, BC Regional Managing Partner, Deloitte Canada

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