Deloitte Leadership Team

Driven and decisive, our team is client focused to ensure you benefit from Deloitte’s depth of knowledge.

Executive Team

This group includes leaders of regions, services, and key areas of firm management.

Frank Vettese
Managing Partner and Chief Executive
Carl Allegretti
Leader, Tax
Linda Blair
Managing Partner, Ontario
Ryan Brain
Managing Partner, Toronto
Ricardo Briggs
CEO and Managing Partner Deloitte Chile
Etienne Bruson
Managing Partner, BC
Tim Christmann
Managing Partner, Consulting
Guy Cogan
Chief Strategy Officer
Mat Harris
Managing Partner, Atlantic
Norma Kraay
Managing Partner, Talent
Chris Lee
Managing Partner, Prairies
Janet Lewell
Managing Partner, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
Richard Olfert
Managing Partner, Regulatory, Quality, and Risk Management
Marc Perron
Managing Partner, Quebec
Nathalie Tessier
Managing Partner, Audit and Assurance
Anthony Viel
Managing Partner, Financial Advisory
Blaine Woodcock
Chief of Staff
Van Zorbas
Managing Partner, Risk Advisory
Ricardo Briggs
CEO & Regional Managing Partner Deloitte Chile

Peter Corcoran
Vice Chair
Pat Daley
Vice Chair
Mary Filippelli
Vice Chair, Client Focus and Insights
Ken Fredeen
General Counsel
Jonathan Goodman
Vice Chair, Global Managing Partner of Deloitte Monitor
Jane Kinney
Vice Chair, Banking Advisory
Pierre Laporte
Vice Chair President, Deloitte Quebec
Chris Lynch
Managing Partner, Leadership Development and Partner Matters
Stephen Mansfield
Chief Information Officer
Trevor Nakka
Vice Chair, Managing Partner, Audit and Assurance
Mike Nethercott
Chief Marketing Officer, Leader of FCC
Frank Rochon
Vice Chair, Managing Partner, Clients and Industries
Mike Runia
Managing Partner, Deloitte Private
Mark Whitmore
Vice Chair