Deloitte’s national month of giving 2014

October is Deloitte’s national month of giving

Deloitte's national month of giving is a series of firm-wide activities in which our professionals across Canada make a difference at the community level.

What is Deloitte’s national month of giving?

We embrace corporate responsibility and strive to make a difference. In this spirit, we’ve combined our national Impact Day activities and United Way Centraide regional campaigns into Deloitte’s national month of giving. 

When does Deloitte’s national month of giving happen?

Events will happen during the month of October:

• Impact Day, on Friday, October 3, 2014 starts the month off.

• Most of our local office United Way Centraide campaigns will take place during the month of October.

We end off with our day of kindness event at the end of the month. 

Who participates?

All our people are encouraged to participate in Impact Day, and they’re welcome to bring family and friends. This will be our firm’s 10th straight year of Impact Day activities and we’re proud of our accomplishments:

• 49,724 Deloitte people have participated in Impact Day activities.

• Over 2,000 organizations have received support from Deloitte.

• We’ve completed 4,300 projects.

In addition to supporting specific charitable organizations, Deloitte is also a committed supporter of the United Way. Through our United Way Work Place Campaign we raise well over $3 million annually in support of various causes across Canada. In 2002, Deloitte joined United Way’s “Thanks A Million” club which recognizes organizations across Canada that annually donate $1 million or more to United Way Centraide. Thanks to the generosity of our people, we’ve been able to reach that milestone every year since then.

What kind of Impact Day projects are we involved in?

We’ve been involved in a wide array of projects over the years. Our people have painted rooms in children’s centres, cooked meals in community centres, sorted goods at food banks, provided job search advice to new immigrants, cleaned aquariums at the zoo, planted trees in conservation areas and given strategic advice to non-profits. In most cases, we facilitate projects that organizations don’t have the time or resources to complete. You name it, our people have done it.

Why is Deloitte supporting a national month of giving?

We believe that the well-being of our communities is directly tied to the well-being of our people and our business. It’s our responsibility and a privilege to be leaders in improving the lives of others. United Way Centraide, Impact Day and kindness initiative offers our people different ways to get involved in their communities. Giving back demonstrates that we care about our local communities and that helping others and making an impact is important to us. The month of giving is also  a lot of fun and give us the chance to work with people in a whole new way.

National month of giving on Facebook and Twitter 

Visit our Facebook page or follow @DeloitteCanada on Twitter to get updates and photos from events throughout the month.


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