Widening the circle for Indigenous people

Creating connections between Indigenous people and the business community

How to increase opportunities for Indigenous people in the workplace? Our Dialogue on diversity report answers the question.

Indigenous people make up the fastest-growing segment of Canada’s labour force. Meanwhile, Canadian companies are having trouble filling job vacancies. So why the disconnect between these two groups? And what can we do to increase opportunities for Indigenous people in the workplace?

We posed these questions to a variety of stakeholders as part of our third annual “Dialogue on diversity” roundtables held across the country in the past year.

We listened and learned from passionate, proactive speakers who shared success stories and best practices, as well as their perspectives on the need for:

  • a long-term commitment to building relationships
  • greater collaboration
  • education
  • accommodation
  • cultural understanding

We’ve compiled all the insights, ideas and recommendations of these discussions in our third annual Dialogue on diversity report. We hope it will help forge a stronger connection between Indigenous people and Canadian companies, something which can only strengthen our businesses and our country.

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