Deloitte is leading the disruption of the auditing space

Have you heard about the new Deloitte venture poised to transform the financial audit space? Auvenir is a new workflow platform that streamlines the audit process, leading to better collaboration and client communications. Auvenir is designed for small to medium-sized audit firms.

Introducing Auvenir for small to medium sized audit firms

Technology is forcing changes everywhere, not least in the accounting world, where there is no shortage of new products and innovative solutions.

As one of the global leaders in accounting, Deloitte chose to participate fully and own the changes coming to the profession.

“Deloitte created Auvenir as a venture unit to leverage cloud-based technology to enhance the audit process, increase productivity and profitability for everyone,” says Chris Thatcher, Global Audit & Assurance Innovation Leader.

As a Deloitte venture, Auvenir operates as an independent start-up with the added advantage of a symbiotic relationship with Deloitte technology innovation groups, allowing both entities to innovate rapidly. The solution Auvenir has created has been specifically designed for smaller firms that do not typically have access to advanced technology.

“Auvenir is designed as a ‘right-size’ solution for SME audit firms that will transform the financial audit for both auditors and their clients,” explains Peter Myers, CEO of Auvenir.

Additionally, Auvenir is working to leverage technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and RPA (robotic process automation), as well as accessing a wider source of data with blockchain and machine-to-machine communications to provide a robust audit solution.

“We’re always interested in feedback and ideas from small firms on how we can evolve our solution to best suit their needs. Our long term vision is to inspire full trust and confidence in financial reporting through accessible, timely, and reliable communication of financial performance between companies and their financiers,” adds Peter.

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