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Staying connected helps alumni attain their professional goals

Finding a new career path – one of the benefits of staying in touch with Deloitte. Learn about Alumni Connections.

Keeping in touch with Deloitte’s Alumni Connections program can help you attain your career goals and figure out your next career move. 

“It’s fascinating to observe how often people come back,” says alumni leader Richard Carson. The tendency to boomerang back to Deloitte is fairly common. What is it that brings people back? “I think they come back for the culture, the type of firm we are, and the way we treat our people.” Others cite the calibre of people, the camaraderie and the strong friendships they developed. It’s a transition that’s undoubtedly easier for those who’ve stayed in touch.

Thinking of returning to Deloitte?

Find your new career here, and if you apply, don’t forget to mention you’re an alum.
If you’re looking to hire a candidate for your company, share the job posting with the Deloitte Canada Alumni LinkedIn group.

Of course, returning to Deloitte may not mean returning at all. If you’re looking to make a career move, tapping into your alumni network is a great place to start. Keeping in touch with friends and colleagues can facilitate the network effect — something you need when you’re seeking a change. Returning to Deloitte may simply mean attending a cocktail event and enjoying the camaderie. 

As an alumnus, your needs change over the course of your career. In the early years, you may just want to keep up your continuing education and see old friends. As your career ramps up, you may find that the firm’s expertise available online and learning opportunities help you build a reputation as a strategic thinker or potential leader. Once you’ve established yourself as an influencer in your chosen industry, you may be in a position to make referrals or invite the firm to bid on a proposal. At that point, your involvement may be less about seeing old friends and more about facilitating business. For retired partners, the relationship is largely about maintaining a professional network and keeping current with industry trends — particularly for those who sit on boards or work for philanthropic causes. Whatever your sphere of influence or wherever you are career-wise, staying connected can help to serve your professional goals.

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