Transforming how we hire independent Contractors

Deloitte alumni Stephen Dabous and Martin Crisp, founders of Curasion, have partnered with Deloitte to transform how Deloitte engages independent contractors for client projects.

Martin Crisp was a founder of eBusiness consulting company eMersion, which was acquired by Deloitte in 1999. Martin continued to work at Deloitte until 2002, when he left to pursue new startup opportunities.

Stephen Dabous was part of Deloitte Business Development in Toronto from 1997 to 2000, during which time he was involved in the creation of Deloitte Ventures. He transitioned from Deloitte in 2001 to launch the DGroup to focus on Canadian start-ups through strategy, partnerships, and capital. The DGroup then partnered with Covington Capital to launch the Strategic Capital Fund alongside Microsoft, HP, and Deloitte. This was one of the first collaborative investment funds and an early model for the acceleration of Canadian innovation.

Dabous and Crisp are now collaborating with Stephen Resar, a partner within the Canadian Systems Integration consulting practice, and Sean Ford, Senior Manager Contingent Labour, to roll out their newest pursuit: Curasion.

Deloitte recognized a significant opportunity to solve an existing gap within its contractor sourcing model by creating a direct connection between hiring managers and the independent contractors they require for client projects. A project team has since collaborated closely with Curasion to further evolve the concept and roll out the cloud-based solution to areas within Deloitte’s Consulting Service Line.

This partnership with Curasion has created an opportunity to build a better way to collaborate with the best talent in the Canadian market. Curasion is set to change the way Deloitte does business, putting us in a position to define the future of talent engagement.

What is Curasion?

Curasion is a cloud-based platform for engaging independent contractors built for the Fortune 500 level organization. It gives employers a direct channel to top-tier, in-demand independent contractor professionals. Best of all, Curasion matches every new job requirement to the skills, experience, and availability of potential candidates, making it easier than ever to hire contractors directly and hit the ground running on new projects.

Getting involved with Curasion

  • To learn more about Curasion visit
  • If you are looking to transform how you engage independent contractors at your organization and want to learn more about Curasion please email Andrew Dillane (
  • If you are an independant contractor, or you know someone who would like to join the Deloitte talent pool, please email the Deloitte Curasion team (
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