Turning vision into action

Responding to the pandemic’s challenges, leading Canadian businesses are transforming their finance operations in order to thrive 

In the first article of this series, we explored what leading finance teams in medium-sized public and private Canadian businesses are doing to position their organizations to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

In this next instalment, we showcase two organizations—and their leaders—that have successfully bridged the gap between vision and action.

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Aspire to Thrive
How leading finance teams are positioning for the future

Having responded to the pandemic and now working on recovery, leading finance teams are aspiring to greater goals: investing in their future and building a foundation to enable their businesses to truly thrive.

As the heartbeat of Canada’s economy, medium-sized organizations are central to the health of the country’s post-pandemic future. Their finance functions play a critical role, working with the rest of the business to drive organizational resilience. And while simply making it through the pandemic has been the focus for many businesses, finance teams in leading organizations are looking beyond that, transforming their capabilities and aspiring to a higher purpose: becoming an integral business partner that enables their organizations to thrive. Will your organization be one of them?

In this first of a two-part instalment on the future of finance in Canadian medium-sized organizations, we explore some of the steps that leading finance teams are taking now as they aspire to thrive in a post-pandemic world. This includes intentional planning and action across the following key areas:

  • Automation and supporting controls
  • Disruptive events
  • Organizational structures and skill sets
  • Stakeholder communications and investor relations

It takes foresight. It takes investment. But with vision, commitment, and action, you can execute a roadmap to prepare your organization to thrive.

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