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Evolving our view of audit quality

Audit quality includes delivering meaningful insights to the companies we audit, and innovating how we execute our audits and manage our practice. We’ve elevated our definition of audit quality, explicitly highlighting our quality management systems as a critical element in achieving consistent high quality across all engagements. We believe audit quality includes the following dimensions:

Our commitment to audit quality that reinforces confidence in the capital markets extends beyond today’s audit: we’re actively thinking about what it looks like tomorrow.

Reflecting on our journey and looking ahead

Shaped by experience, our actions to advance audit quality are deliberate. We will continue to challenge ourselves to raise the bar even higher in pursuit of our quality aspirations.


Targeting individual

We made significant audit quality investments—including enhanced learning programs, the addition of technical resources across Canada, and the review of audits—as our 2015 year-end audits were underway.


Broadening our impact across all audits

We enhanced our quality processes, programs, and tools to achieve the highest levels of audit quality consistently across every engagement.


Bolstering our quality management systems

We intensified our efforts to enhance our quality management system, using a risk-based approach to evaluate the effectiveness of our quality processes, programs, and tools in achieving our audit quality expectations consistently across all audits.


Synchronizing our actions

We enhanced our existing audit quality processes to align with our regulators, fortified our entity-level processes to proactively and swiftly support our engagement teams, and took measures to address specific engagement matters arising from internal and external inspections. We also advanced how we evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of our quality management system.

For more information on previous audit quality updates, view our reports from 2016, 2017 and 2018.

We believe audits provide significant value in supporting the integrity of the entire financial reporting ecosystem. Our abiding commitment to audit quality means we stand firm on the strong foundation we’ve built and that we also keep developing new things to advance.

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Get in touch with us

At Deloitte, the pursuit of audit quality is at the center of our culture of continuous improvement and innovation, as we seek to make our best work today even better tomorrow. This means backing our words with significant investment and action. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, we would like to hear from you.

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Nathalie Tessier

Nathalie Tessier

Global Deloitte Private Leader, Audit & Assurance

Nathalie Tessier is the Canadian Managing Partner, Audit & Assurance and is a member of both the Canadian firm’s Executive team and the Global Audit & Assurance Leadership team. Prior to her current r... More

Richard Olfert

Richard Olfert

Regulatory, Quality, Risk & Reputation

Richard is the Managing Partner, Regulatory, Quality, Risk & Reputation. He also serves as a member of Deloitte Canada’s Executive, on the Global Risk and Regulatory committees and as a director of Nautilus Indem...More

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