From obligation to opportunity

How companies can transform corporate reporting into an asset

Corporate reporting should provide investors and other stakeholders with clear, concise, and reliable information to make informed decisions. But in a fast-changing world, companies are falling far short of that idea. At Deloitte, we believe corporate reporting needs to change. And we think Investor Relations and Finance, together, have a big role to play in making that happen.

It’s time to tell your company’s story your way. A lot of people think traditional corporate reporting formats are mandatory. Companies have been preparing and delivering the same information in the same ways for decades, after all. In fact, companies have quite a bit of flexibility in how they prepare their corporate reports. True, there are requirements that must be met—but the standards themselves are actually rather different than how they’re commonly interpreted.

In this report, we explore how both Investor Relations and Finance together have an opportunity to transform reporting into a true business asset. It outlines key factors companies should address, how to strike the right balance between effective storytelling and assurance, which leading companies in Canada who are doing it well, and questions to ask yourself to get started.

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