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The Directors' Series provides Canadian corporate directors with an opportunity to stay informed in a time of frequent change and growing demands.

Past Sessions

The pivot to future performance – Challenges for the Board and Audit Committee

By 2027, it’s expected the average life of a company on the S&P500 will be 12 years—that’s an astounding drop from 33 years in the mid-1960s. It’s no surprise, then, that investors now seek a variety of perspectives on how a company they invest in will do in the future. While critical, reporting on recent performance is no longer the best basis on which to forecast what the future might hold for a company. The internet, the explosion in available data, and advanced analytics are ousting traditional analysis of historic reports as the foundation on which to predict future success. This creates interesting challenges for boards and raises questions about the expectations they should set for management, audit committees–and all directors. The panel at our recent Directors’ Series discussed a number of perspectives on this evolving landscape, including: the investor, management, regulator, Audit Committee, and board as a whole.

Available now:

  • Highlights from the impactful panel discussion and insights from Directors from across the country on the topic of The pivot to future performance

The Post Truth Era – Issues for the Audit Committee…and beyond

Popular wisdom has it that we are living in the Age of Post Truth. The issue is not the sole preserve of the media and politicians. In the world of business, investors are confirming their growing reliance on information other than that contained in financial reports.  The bigger question is the reliability of the growing array of corporate information being released to the public.  The panel at our November 16 session of the Directors’ Series, addressed a number of the underlying causes in the loss of confidence in public information and the issues it poses for audit committees and boards as a whole.

Available now:

  • Highlights from the impactful panel discussion with corporate directors and topic specialists on the Post Truth Era.

Shifting enterprise risks: New action steps for the audit committee’s year-end agenda

On October 20, 2016, Deloitte’s Directors’ Series brought together a panel of experts to widen our perspective by discussing a broader set of non-economic risks and uncertainties. In addition to the strategic implications, the conversation focused on the 2016 year-end deliberations facing audit committees in an era of rising expectations for better risk assessment, improved oversight of financial reporting and the trend towards more regulation of “good behaviour”.

Available now:

  • Highlights from a Deloitte-hosted panel discussion with corporate directors and governance specialists that examined the emerging risks and opportunities facing audit committees
  • Questions audit committees can ask to gain a deeper understanding of the risk environment
  • Action steps audit committees can take now to better position themselves to face disruption

Long termism and shareholder engagement

April 7, 2016 – Watch replay

The April 7, 2016 session of the Directors’ Series explored various aspects of operationalizing a longer term view in the boardroom, as well as approaches used in organizations whose owners are free from some of the shorter term pressures of public companies and set governance practices accordingly. Also there were many insights shared at this past session and we’d like you to consider a few that may be of importance to you and your board.

  • Companies get the shareholders they deserve
  • A strong organization is organized for accountability from management right up to the board
  • A board’s ultimate defense against activists is to ensure that management is achieving the strategy and goals that were approved by the board

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Focus on the audit committee

January 7, 2016 – Watch replay 

The January 7, 2016 session of the Directors Series focused on the top-of-mind risks for audit committees, a review of financial reporting trends, a regulatory update on the OSC’s priorities for 2016 and much more. Also there were many insights shared at this past session and we’d like you to consider a few that may be of importance to you and your board.

  • Consider what your organization’s vision is for their financial reporting.
  • Think beyond the numbers.
  • Remember that financial reporting is not just a compliance exercise.

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Key Contacts:

Richard Olfert

Richard Olfert

Managing Partner

Richard is the Managing Partner, Regulatory, Quality & Risk. He also serves as a member of Deloitte Canada’s Executive, on the Global Risk and Regulatory committees and as a director of Nautilus Indem... More

Duncan Sinclair

Duncan Sinclair

Chairman of Deloitte Canada

Duncan is Chairman of Deloitte Canada and Chile whose professional activities focus on major institutional investor clients, global private family businesses and regional governments. Duncan also lead... More

Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman

Monitor Deloitte Global Managing Partner

Jonathan is the Global Strategy & Business Design Leader, Monitor Deloitte's Global Managing Partner, and a Vice Chair of Deloitte Canada. For close to three decades, Jonathan has worked closely with ... More

Chantal Rassart

Chantal Rassart

Partner, Audit & Assurance

Chantal is a partner with more than 25 years of experience. As the Audit Knowledge Management Officer, she ensures that our Audit professionals have the tools and information they need to best serve t... More

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