Accounting and transaction advisory

Accounting and transaction advisory

In today’s dynamic business and regulatory environment, financial reporting is constantly changing. With lean finance teams that may not have the required finance resources and talent, many organizations face challenges when addressing key trends, such as the transition to new financial reporting standards, increasing levels of cross-border equity and debt offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. With Deloitte’s Advisory Services professionals to support them, companies can successfully navigate the path of today’s accounting, financial reporting and securities offering environment.

Complex accounting advisory services

As financial reporting requirements become increasingly complex and global regulations multiply, organizations need advanced accounting capabilities that enable strong, effective reporting. It’s important, therefore, to leverage the right advice when addressing a range of increasingly complex accounting areas, including matters such as the accounting for financial instruments and hedging, business combinations, impairment, consolidation, valuation, complex contracts and arrangements, and transaction-related accounting and financial reporting.

With Deloitte’s deep financial reporting experience across multiple industries and financial reporting and regulatory regimes, we support organizations in implementing accounting and reporting standards, preparing financial statements, assisting with regulatory comments and inspection, updating employees on financial reporting standards and key regulatory requirements, and helping with post-merger/acquisition reporting.

Accounting framework conversion services

Be it IFRS, US GAAP, Public Sector Accounting Standards or Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises, when faced with a need to adopt a new accounting framework, new accounting and financial reporting standards can provide the opportunities to realize additional benefits such as substantially improving the finance function’s performance, streamlining statutory financial reporting, enhancing controls, and reducing costs. The conversion process, however, is often challenging. Deloitte helps organizations who are undertaking a conversion to a new accounting framework through every step of the planning and execution of the conversion. This includes: evaluating the potential impact of the new framework areas such as treasury, tax, financial operations, technology and valuation; preparing detailed implementation plans; project managing the conversion; providing technical research and training; and developing long-term sustainability plans.

New standards implementation services

When organizations need to implement new accounting and financial reporting standards (such as IFRS 15, IFRS 16, or IFRS 9), Deloitte is ready to assist them with a comprehensive implementation action plan. We help organizations identify and address the key issues they need to manage, including assisting them in interpreting accounting requirements, helping process revisions as well as making system changes, including developing system business requirements, address tax impacts and other matters.

Securities offering services

Complex financial and regulatory requirements inherent in local and cross-border transactions can significantly strain a company’s financial reporting function during and after the offering process. With Deloitte’s understanding of the regulatory requirements of key global capital markets, we help companies address the complexities of cross-border listings, and assess and fulfill their post-offering reporting requirements. We assist companies in preparing an IPO, planning and managing the offering process, preparing financial statements and other financial information requirements, identifying new ongoing reporting obligations and developing an approach that ensures their compliance with those requirements.

Transaction advisory

Enhance the execution and minimize the risk for complex transactions. Let our professionals help you navigate through the complicated process of an initial public offering or transactions such as the spin-off a business. We also provide on-call accounting advisory help when you need it the most.

Deloitte transaction specialists stand ready to help your company enhance the execution and minimize risk of complex transactions. Our seasoned professionals will work side-by-side with you and help you navigate through the complicated process of an initial public offering, spinning off a business in a carve-out transaction, leveraging financial assets for daily working capital or strategic acquisitions. We also offer enhanced capabilities in securities issuances and securitizations as you look to tap the capital markets. Please find below some examples of the many services Audit advisory can help with:

  • IPO readiness aids businesses with initial public offerings (IPO) readiness by assisting in evaluating and implementing the requirements for going public and reporting as a public company. Check out our innovative IPO readiness lab offering.
  • Accounting and reporting for transactions provides accounting services in support of mergers and acquisition activities, assistance with purchase accounting, creation of carve-out financial statements and preparation of pro forma financial statements for spin-off transactions.
  • Securitization assists with financial modelling, analytics, technology, operations, compliance, due diligence and accounting. We serve some of the leading players in MBS, ABS, CDO, RMBS and CMBS markets.
  • On-call accounting advisory provides support to finance, private equity, transaction and legal teams on all aspects of accounting or financial reporting matters – when you need it the most. Download the brochure

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