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But what happens when the technology is deployed in your organization? How do you know the algorithm is doing what it should once it has been implemented? How can you have confidence that the models do not have unintended biases or are discriminatory?

Our algorithmic assurance services, which are part of Deloitte’s multi-disciplinary Actuarial, Rewards & Analytics (ARA) practice, enable you to see clearly that the algorithms and robots deployed across your organization are performing as they should.

Here’s some of what algorithmic assurance can do for your business:

  • Provide a detailed, objective, third-party review of the code underpinning your algorithm to uncover hidden risks or unintended outcomes

  • Using advanced analytics, measure the performance of your algorithm under normal and stress-test circumstances to optimize and ensure resilience

  • Conduct a comprehensive process review and report on how people interact with your algorithms, what manual controls exist, and what alerts are set off when a malfunction occurs

  • Analyze not just what your algorithm is doing but also how, in order to ensure the logic of your robot accurately reflects the methodology and expectations of its human managers

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By combining the best of our technology, people, and processes, our assurance solutions enable you to have confidence that your algorithms are working exactly as they were intended. To know more about our Algorithmic Assurance services, contact us today.

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