Deloitte Learning Academy

The learning you need in the time you’ve got

The Deloitte Learning Academy constitutes a comprehensive resource for accounting professionals by providing research and learning support through online and in-house courses that address the key challenges of the Canadian financial reporting landscape. The Academy is flexible, it enables you to create a program that meets your needs and learn at your own pace, working through material when you have time. Each completed course counts toward continuing professional education credits.

Deloitte Learning Academy

In the constantly changing Canadian GAAP environment, organizations must retool their financial reporting system in order to remain compliant. Now, more than ever, a well-trained talent pool is critical for financial reporting success.

The Deloitte Learning Academy offers a wide range of professional training, both in-class and online, specifically tailored to allow you to work at your own pace. This learning program will improve your technical knowledge to allow you to keep abreast of changing GAAP and count toward your continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

We created the Learning Academy to provide an effective and efficient way to strengthen and keep up to date on financial reporting in Canada.

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