Corporate governance

The Centre for Corporate Governance is designed to provide board members and directors with a single point of access to current developments, Deloitte perspectives, learning materials, best practices, technical resources, reference materials and other useful information related to corporate governance. Our goal is to provide directors with high-level, quality resources that help them to identify, understand and address key issues, and that help to create a more effective oversight process.

On the board’s agenda

In today’s business world of new advancements and shifts in technology, globalization and demographics, Board of Directors face the challenge of ensuring their organization is effectively and appropriately aligning themselves to succeed in this “new world of work”.

On the board’s agenda is a new series of articles set to be released every 6-8 weeks and will share insights on how boards can surge their organizations forward both cohesively and successfully while facing the challenges of today. Each issue will examine a single topic in detail, and will include the perspectives of a Deloitte professional with deep expertise in the subject matter as well as the views of an experienced external director. To access our current or past releases, please visit our Centre for Corporate Governance.

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Board governance

Deloitte’s board governance assessment services are highly specialized and uniquely designed to meet the needs of boards and/or its committees. Through our collaborative approach, we work with boards to identify areas to strengthen effectiveness and develop key actions to improve performance across a number of important areas including: board competencies and composition; practices, processes and policies; and information and communication.

CEO succession planning and services

Our team of professionals will assist with the development of specifications for CEO role and candidate qualifications, facilitate the selection committee decision making process, and assist with the onboarding process, including the development of 90 and 180-day plans.

Director development program

Deloitte uses a customized, consultative approach to the development and delivery of director development programs. Our live, in-the-boardroom programs are designed to provide a customized interactive experience. We begin with a needs assessment that aligns the program with the specific matters of interest or challenges facing your organization and its board. Sessions are focused precisely on what the board wants and needs to know — governance, regulatory requirements and financial reporting are common starting points. No matter what topics are selected, our subject-matter specialists deliver content in a manner that recognizes the broad spectrum of experiences represented on most corporate boards, ensuring benefits for both seasoned and new directors.

Centre for Corporate Governance

The Centre for Corporate Governance provides members of boards and directors with a single point of access to current developments, Deloitte perspectives, learning materials, best practices and other information that aid in achieving effective operations and sustained performance.

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