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The Deloitte CPA Advantage

A CFE prep program tailored to your needs

Our firm offers its Chartered Professional Account (CPA) candidates the Deloitte CPA Advantage program, a national, exclusive and comprehensive support program for CPA modules and the Common Final Exam (CFE).

Our philosophy is to build on the knowledge and skills that students bring into the program.  So whether you come from an accredited program or are going through the CPA modules, you will receive tailored support to meet your unique needs and learning style. Our results speak for itself. Deloitte is proud to consistently have outstanding results and one of the highest success rates across the country. 

An expert-led program

The Deloitte CPA Advantage program is designed and led by Angela Kellett, a UFE gold medalist with extensive teaching, marking and content development experience and in-depth knowledge of the CPA education program.

An experienced support team

Angela or another member of the experienced Deloitte CPA Advantage team are always available to answer any student questions. From detailed technical questions to case-writing strategies, from stress management to study planning, you can get answers from someone who has been there.

Best-in-class resources

The Deloitte CPA Advantage program gives students access to a comprehensive suite of learning resources. Program highlights include:

  • In-person lectures and interactive sessions led by experienced and engaging instructors
  • Practice exams and comprehensive debriefing materials that are marked by Deloitte professionals with detailed feedback
  •  Technical and case writing resources including technical flashcards, summaries and the Deloitte Case Writing Notes
  •  Detailed study plans
  • A dedicated CFE coach to answer your questions, provide moral support and offer feedback on your case writing

Financial backing and other incentives

Deloitte recognizes that the key to success goes beyond learning and coaching support. As they work to achieve their professional designation, our students receive ample study time (through both paid and unpaid days) and financial support for annual fees and CPA tuition. Candidates also receive a professional designation cash bonus upon successful completion of the CFE.

What our students tell us

“The most helpful thing during this stressful time is always having someone to direct my questions to. The in-person sessions were extremely helpful with realizing what I was doing wrong and how to improve. It genuinely felt like Deloitte was personally invested in my success and genuinely wanted to help me succeed.”

“The program was really well done. Deloitte by far has the most comprehensive support program.”

 “The timeline of the sessions was great. Starting with approach sessions and finishing with drill sessions allowed me to practice the right thing at the right time.”

“The Deloitte sessions covering the CFE approaches were helpful because they provided a framework for how to read and answer questions and it helped to focus our studies. The accounting and assurance drill sessions were challenging and helpful in providing extra, relevant practice.”

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