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Inclusion at Deloitte

We are committed to building and leveraging an inclusive culture in everything we do. For many years, we were proud to lead the way when it came to inclusion in the workplace. And we continue to lead because we know that when people feel valued, their motivation and performance soar.

Our vision is to ‘Do Business Inclusively’ which means we are committed to building and leveraging an inclusive culture in everything we do. We continue to pursue this vision in all aspects of our business because we know that when people feel valued, their motivation and performance soar.

Leading and Behaving Inclusively

For us, inclusion is not a stand-alone program, but rather a shift in culture where our people are inclusive leaders.. It’s about understanding how inclusive leadership traits lead to better outcomes, and leading by example every day..

Building an Inclusive Environment

Our inclusion strategy puts a strong focus on creating inclusive work environments where individuals feel comfortable being their authentic selves at work. We know that inclusive workplaces are more innovative and productive. Our commitment to inclusion spans our entire organization and is woven into our values, culture, and business strategy. Our people and leaders believe in the business benefits of inclusion and are committed to leading the way. At Deloitte, everyone is responsible for nurturing an inclusive culture.

The Importance of Community

We believe in a networking culture that opens doors for you in your career. At Deloitte, you will be surrounded by intelligent, forward-thinking people who are committed to a culture of camaraderie. We recognize the power of relationships and strengthening connections with each other. Our people take as much pride in your accomplishments as they do their own. Our people tell us that the connections they make here are a big reason they came to Deloitte and one of the main reasons they stay. One of the ways we build up these lifelong connections is through our Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s), which are employee-driven networks led by our people, for our people. Our ERG’s provide opportunities for education, awareness, advocacy, networking and strengthening external relationships with potential hires and with clients.

Currently our Deloitte Communities include:

Canadian Women’s Initiative (CanWin)
CanWin’s mission is to enhance, promote, and foster the social and economic well-being of women at Deloitte. Our mandate is to recruit, retain, and develop women in an environment where they can maximize their potential. CanWin is the umbrella employee resource group that leads all women’s initiatives at Deloitte, including our marquee events: the annual Women’s Spring Breakfast and International Women’s Day. CanWin also leads many other key initiatives throughout the year to address critical issues that impact women at Deloitte, and all women across the business community.

Canadian Black Professional Network (CBPN)
CBPN’s goal is to create an inclusive, firm-wide community dedicated to advancing people, providing education, making meaningful connections and collaborating with other Deloitte communities to build better solutions and powerful outcomes for Black people, our firm, our clients and community, while highlighting and driving conversations on anti-racism and Black in Canada.

Canadian Asian Network (CAN)
CAN seeks to recognize emerging & trailblazing talent of Asian descent, while addressing specific cultural challenges in today’s corporate environment. The Network provides opportunities to Asian employees to engage in open forum conversations about diversity, equity & inclusion, while having the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with Senior Leaders, external partners, and the Community at large.

AccessAbility Network
The AccessAbility Network exists to promote an accessible and inclusive workplace for all employees at Deloitte, especially for people identifying with a disability, and is committed to helping deliver on Deloitte Canada’s Accessibility Action Plan. Through regular programming, volunteer opportunities, interactive workshops, and thought leadership development, the AccessAbility Network contributes to an accessible and inclusive culture benefitting both our workplace and our community.

Indigenous and Allies Community
The Indigenous and Allies Community focuses on reconciliation, including cultural awareness education and helping deliver on Deloitte Canada’s Reconciliation Action Plan. We are Indigenous and non-Indigenous team members who have a passion for fostering relationships, building a future together, and learning from our knowledge, experiences and shared history on Turtle Island.

Deloitte Parents
Deloitte Parents is all about being a network of support at the firm. We provide resources and host events with parents in mind, and we have a buddy program for those returning back to work from parental leave. Deloitte Parents is for parents, people thinking of becoming parents, and those who want to know how to better support parents at the firm.

Deloitte Pride Community
The Deloitte Pride Community provides an inclusive environment for two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (2SLGBTQ+) and ally practitioners across Canada and Chile. Deloitte Pride creates a safe space where people can connect with other community members. The objective of our group is to raise awareness on 2SLGBTQ+ issues, educate, bridge gaps, strengthen relationships, enhance visibility, and develop and maintain relationships with 2SLGBTQ+ individuals within the firm and in our broader communities.

Deloitte Trailblazers
Deloitte Trailblazers is a community of newcomers to Canada and Deloitte. Our mission is to provide support, information and resources to help our members adapt to life in their new chosen home. Our community is representative of individuals with intersectional identities and lived experiences. As such, we strive to work with other employee resources groups across Deloitte to strengthen the networks of our members.

Deloitte Latin American Community (DLAC)
DLAC’s mission is to connect Deloitte’s Latin American professionals and their allies through a firm-wide networking and leadership platform. By enhancing cultural awareness and addressing group-specific challenges, DLAC aims to build meaningful relationships within Deloitte, as well as externally among Canada’s Latin American community at large.

JNet provides support and community engagement to Jewish professionals in the Deloitte workplace with a focus on building personal and professional relationships with our people and our clients by using three key pillars: Community, Philanthropy and Talent. We strive to raise awareness of Jewish culture and practices within the firm and contribute to the firm’s diversity, inclusion and anti-racism initiatives.

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