Life at Deloitte

Dominique Gonsalves | Toronto | Campus Recruitment Specialist


Office(s) I work with:


Service(s) I provide:

I support firm internal recruitment and provide support for the Student Programs initiative in the Toronto Region.

Educational background: 

Bachelors of Arts & Graduate Certificate in Human Resources

Previous work experience:

- Administrative Assistant at a real estate office 

- 7 years of customer service in the retail industry



Getting to know me


What is the best part of working at Deloitte?

The culture at Deloitte that binds our people together. It allows for engagement with our people all over the world. Through this, it helps with professional and personal growth.

What was the greatest learning experience?

My greatest learning experience was in university. It strengthened my team work abilities, which I use everyday in my current role.

What do I do in my spare time?

Shop, spend time with family and friends, travel and shop some more

My message to students:

Follow your passion as it leads to happiness.


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