Life at Deloitte

Flexibility that bends around our culture

When Deloitte people talk, we listen.

When our people told us that they value the ability to balance the demands of work and home, we listened. So we created a flexible working culture to help our people build the career and life they want. Because we know that finding balance in your personal and professional life is what helps you to be at your best, and stay at your best.

Flexible people. Flexible opportunities.

Deloitte is committed to providing our people with the combination of opportunities, benefits and flexibility plans that suit them, the clients and their families.

Manage the demands of your work and personal life, while meeting your client expectations through work/life harmony. Balance in these areas just makes the most sense to attain the greatest form of personal and professional satisfaction. This ensures continuity for our clients and success for everyone.

Bank your salary now. Enjoy it when you take time off later.

From sabbaticals to part-time options and banking your pay for paid time off later, we empower our people to design an option that works for them and the business. We offer a variety of programs that allow you to customize your working experience in a way that makes sense for you and our clients. When you have commitments outside of work to fulfill, full-time hours can be difficult. There is an opportunity to be a continuing part-time employee to accommodate for your other responsibilities and needs.

Picking up your kids on time is a priority for our people.

Our people can adjust their work days while still maintaining full-time hours. You can start early and finish early so you’re home to pick up your children from daycare or school. There are many ways to arrange your work hours, that will let you to get your work done and have time for your personal responsibilities.

Sometimes an alternative work arrangement is best for all involved. For example, one of Toronto’s senior managers works three days a week for most of the year so she can spend more time with her children. During her biggest clients’ year-end busy periods, she reverts to a full-time schedule. Arrangements like this allow up to a 40 percent reduction in hours, leaving our people open to schedule adjustments based on clients’ needs. Another person took time off to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live abroad and travel with family.

A flexible workplace sometimes means working in your home office.

The workplace of the future is flexible. We encourage you to work from your home office for better productivity or your general comfort. Our technology is mobile, so you can be virtually anywhere to meet client needs and your job responsibilities.

Leaves of absence

Unexpected things happen. Whether it is parental, caregiver or community responsibilities, we understand that sometimes things are just beyond your control. Here at Deloitte, we allow for you to take a leave of absence to be there for your family, to report for jury duty or even complete a degree. You can also take a leave of absence to volunteer. We have firm voluntary leave and sabbatical program, where you can complete a volunteer program or continue your education. There is also the International Development Fellowship program that lets employees apply their professional skills to foreign volunteer initiatives.

Opportunity to broaden your horizons

Sometimes you just need a chance to explore and gain new insight. As part of a global firm, you can take advantage of various international assignments and short or long-term secondments to experience the world while working in a Deloitte office in another country. We believe global experience makes for a better global professional.

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