Living our #EverydayBehaviours to make an Impact that Matters

Dong-Ling Chen

Senior Manager | Consulting | Culture & People

Having been with the firm for over 8 years, I am often asked the question, “what makes you stay?”

Depending on day, I find myself talking about big things that come to mind - the meaningful work that we do, the type of leaders and people that we work with, or the fact that we can either work from the comfort of our own home or from a cool office complete with a magical green Harry-Potter like staircase – these are all true by the way. Yet, when I force myself to step back and really think about this question, I realize that it is actually all the little things that we experience every-single-day that make our work special.

How do I even begin to articulate what all these little things are in a way that wouldn’t put a listener to sleep?

Enter the scene, our #EverydayBehaviours. In Deloitte Consulting, we introduced what we call our #EverydayBehaviours - 6 commitments and 17 behaviours that capture the essence of who we are, how we treat each other, and how we lead our business. Working on the team who put pen to paper to develop our #EverydayBehaviours, I was finally able to spell out what those small things TRULY were, which together have made all the difference in my life and career at Deloitte.

So now my answer is pretty easy. When someone asks me the question, “What makes you stay?”, I confidently respond, “I stay because every day I get to work with an organization, with a team, and with leaders who dream big and are changing the world for the better, but who also do it in the most human, inclusive and enjoyable way possible.”

Curious what are #EverydayBehaviours are? Here’s a sneak preview of our 6 commitments:

  1. Our peoples’ well-being comes first – we prioritize it alongside client priorities
  2. Bring your whole self to work – our differences make us stronger
  3. Apprenticeship is in our DNA – we learn, we teach, we grow, we celebrate
  4. We infuse joy and balance in what we do, while working hard and doing meaningful work
  5. We work as a team to make impact and share the spotlight
  6. Kindness, humility, and compassion are our ultimate delivery model – we are human 1st


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