Age is nothing but a number: Meet Ikram Al Mouaswas

At the age of 27, Ikram Al Mouaswas was promoted to senior manager in the Toronto Audit and Advisory practice – a full four years younger than most Deloitte practitioners. Throughout her eight-year career at Deloitte, she has worked with some of the firm’s top clients and built a strong leadership brand through her exceptional focus on her clients, her team and her contribution to the community. She has also gained a huge followership within her team and is a highly sought-after resource.

So who is this rising star at Deloitte and how did she get to where she is today?

International experience and impact

Raised in five countries across three continents and fluent in English and Arabic, Ikram was destined to become a global player. Through previous work experience in the Middle East, Ikram gained insight into international business operations and developed a strong cross-cultural network. Today, she manages teams across Canada, Mexico and Australia and leads engagements on some of the most high-profile brands in the world.

Ikram is also the National LEAD and Allies Ambassador for Deloitte’s LEAD LGBT community. Outside of the firm, she is very involved in community activities, including working with The Dorothy Ley Hospice, the Patron Circle of the Canadian Arab Institute, Junior Achievement, and has attended the AICPA Global Women’s leadership summit.

Partners wrote this about her: “What Ikram has accomplished in terms of growth and leadership development at such a young age is incredible, and something very unique to see. When you spend just a few minutes with Ikram in conversation you quickly see that she has the drive to go very far, and will do so very quickly.”

Beyond the numbers

Ikram is about more than just her job. An avid runner, Ikram ran a 5K, 10K and half-marathon last year and is currently training for the NYC Marathon. She also takes a month off every year to travel and has accumulated an enviable number of passport stamps and stories. Ikram just returned from touring Italy for two weeks and has previously trekked up Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia, gone sky diving over Niagara Falls and visited South Africa for a month where she dropped in on the 2010 FIFA World Cup and conquered bungee jumping.

A rowdy cheering section

Ikram points out that she is lucky to be championed – and cheered on – by supportive colleagues who are open-minded and extremely talented at what they do.

“I honestly just really love my job,” says Ikram. “I’m proud of everything I’ve done, of course, but it’s very humbling to be surrounded by plenty of amazing people who want to help you succeed.”

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Ikram Al Mousawas
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