Meet Murillo: A born LEADer

Ask Murillo’s colleagues to describe him and they will tell you that he’s a respected senior manager in communications, he’s warm and approachable and he’s the first to hit the dance floor at a party. What no one ever feels the need to mention – or seems to mind – is that he’s openly gay.

Today, Murillo Rego is a passionate member of Deloitte Canada’s LEAD & Allies Inclusion Network – a community that aims to foster a progressive corporate culture and provide a safe space for the firm’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer and allied (LGBTQA) professionals to network. Looking back, Murillo admits that he had never planned on joining an Inclusion community. So how exactly did he end up becoming one of the most well-known and outspoken voices for the firm’s LGBTQA community?

Murillo’s LEAD journey

It started when Murillo fell in love with Canada while on exchange from Brazil. Ultimately, he decided to make Canada his permanent home (at least until he can retire in a sunny location). When Murillo came to Deloitte, he wasn’t sold on joining LEAD until his manager advised him to reconsider.

“At first I didn’t understand what the goals of LEAD were, but then I saw how important it was for other gay people in the firm who didn’t feel as comfortable as I did – meaning that some were struggling to come out of closet,” he said. Murillo has then been a member and leader of the Montreal LEAD chapter since its inception and has greatly contributed to its success.

Murillo also believes that having communities like LEAD is not just the right thing to do, it’s also good for business. This community helps Deloitte recruit and retain talented LGBTQA individuals and attract clients who are starting to demand diverse teams. “We’re working hard – inside and outside our walls – to show that Inclusion is part of everything we do as a firm,” Murillo notes.

Outside of Deloitte, Murillo creates a more inclusive community through his volunteer work. Among his many activities, he is also the vice-president of Gai Écoute – a helpline and information centre that offers its services to help the LGBTQ community and their friends and family in Quebec and all across Canada.

Bring your whole self to work

Murillo is happy that communities like LEAD exist because it shows that you can work for organizations that won’t block your professional development based on your sexual orientation. “Being gay is not something that will prevent you from going forward at Deloitte. You will have the same opportunities as everyone else if you give the best of yourself just like everyone else,” he said.

If he could leave everyone with one piece of advice, Murillo says: “Be yourself, be the same person you are at home, at work and everywhere else in your life. People respond to that – whether they are your friends, your colleagues, or people who cross by you in the street. Just be you.”

How will your story unfold at Deloitte? Take a moment to learn more about the firm’s Inclusion communities and find out why we love the company we keep.

Murillo Rego
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