Consult your way to a great career

The students that join the Consulting practice are exposed to a variety of projects that span various industries, allowing them to maximize their talents and move their career in the right direction. From Strategy and Operations to Technology and Human Capital, the opportunities for growth are endless in Deloitte Consulting.

If you’re eager to tackle complex problems, to learn from fantastic leaders and are driven to offer clarity in an ever-changing world, Consulting may be right for you. If you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, we’re confident you can succeed at Deloitte.

Analyst-level Consulting positions are available for students who have recently completed their undergraduate degrees. We welcome students just like you because we know you have the dynamic work ethic to thrive and contribute in our fast-paced environment. Team collaboration is at the core of our value system. A career in Consulting at Deloitte allows you to combine your skills with other analysts, senior consultants, managers and project leaders, allowing you to learn and collaborate from both your peers and more experienced leaders.

Our clients include Canadian and international firms of all sizes across all major industry sectors including financial services, consumer business, energy and resources, technology, media and telecommunications and the public sector.

Work on different teams, gain experience through exposure to a wide range of projects and access all the resources at Deloitte to get the most out of your experience and complete assignments you never dreamed you were capable of.

Strategy is at the heart of what we do

Deloitte’s Strategy service line is the ultimate example of just how collaborative our work environment is. We work alongside executives faced with complex projects to come up with the most dynamic and effective strategic solutions. Be part of a team that thrives on collaboration and fresh perspectives.

As a student, you will have opportunity to work side-by-side with our clients and experience professional partnerships in action. If you’re ready to help make bold strategic decisions and design elegant solutions – all while working with the most talented people in the industry – then find your place on our Strategy team and watch your career unfold at Deloitte.

Connecting the dots between vision and results

Deloitte’s Operations services help companies build a lasting competitive advantage at every level of the business. Precise execution matters more than ever in this rapidly changing global economy so we work collaboratively with clients to connect strategic vision to measurable results.

Supply chain optimization. Industry operations. Business model transformation. These are just some of the complex business issues our student practitioners work on. So take this is opportunity to use what you learn in the classroom to shape the companies of the future, and shape the future of your career.

Be part of a team that is all about teams

In our Human Capital service line, you will be exposed to a broad-based Consulting environment that combines innovation, growth and collaboration. Be a part of a team that is all about talent management, organizational design, integration and more.

As a student, you will be surrounded by our talented employees and learn from their expertise. As a part of the Human Capital practice, you will help integrate personnel into various business strategies and deal with human resources issues across multiple industries, companies and functions.

Our Human Capital practice offers a global reach, resources, and a commitment to making sure you get the most out of your professional experience while you are with us.

Technological innovation for our digital world

In an age of rapid technological innovation, technology and best practices are intertwined. That’s why at Deloitte we have Technology Consultants who help clients move forward digitally to increase productivity and success.

When you join this service as a student, your fresh perspective and strong grasp of cutting edge technology will help clients improve their performance in the highly digitized business world we find ourselves in today.

Technological Integration introduces new and multiple technological devices to a client’s business services. Technological Analytics helps research which technological best practices are the most suited for various industry types. Technological Advisory services leverage and apply emerging and innovative technologies such as social business, mobility, and analytics to optimize business performance.

Your problem solving and analytic skills will be challenged, encouraging you to think differently and to help our professionals deliver the most innovative solutions for our clients. Deloitte’s combination of deep industry and technology expertise helps create a competitive advantage for our clients, as well as new business opportunities. You will be a part of a collaborative team working in a culture of camaraderie that thrives on providing innovative solutions to our clients’ digital challenges.