The cloud is here: embrace the transition

How to “think cloud”

The cloud is an inevitable part of service-delivery models of the future. Business and IT leaders may ask: How do we survive and thrive in the cloud? Explore how Canadian organizations can thrive during this transition by adopting to this trend and carefully analyzing the benefits and risks.

Over the past few years, cloud computing has taken the center stage in business and information technology. It has changed the way organizations work. This has resulted in numerous questions on “what is the best way to take advantage of emerging cloud computing technology?”

The fact that cloud computing is here to stay leaves companies wondering about the way forward. Cloud computing is now an integral part of the majority of companies business and technical strategies moving forward. Organizations need to embrace cloud to keep up with the pace of developments in technology.

Competition, disruption, and transformation are compelling companies to continuously improve their operations to drive agility, savings, efficiency, and enhanced customer experience. For many organizations, differentiation is no longer just a concern for the marketing department but the key to surviving a fast-evolving marketplace.

How can we better understand the risks and opportunities that cloud computing presents? How do we take advantage of these opportunities, not fall behind, and not make costly mistakes? How do we survive and thrive in the cloud?

Read The cloud is here: embrace the transition, to learn how Canadian organizations can thrive through this transition.

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